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New Products: Musician's Lip Butter, Tim Morrison CD

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Chop Strengthening Program for Musicians. Best Seller! See Great Reviews from Pros at the site.

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Neoprene Mouthpiece & Accessory
Bags. Protects & clips onto beltloop or bag. Stores easily in your case.

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All Natural, 8 hour Low-wax Formula.
Made for Pros; Safe for Kids & Longterm use. Tubes and Tins in Citrus Peppermint, Spearmint, & Grapefruit scents. Vegetarian, Nut & Gluten free.

Innovative teaching series for college brass players. Includes assessments & targeted assignment books. For adv. HS and comeback players too. New
Grading & Scheduling CD-ROM.

Maximizing Your Studio's Potential: Brass

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Patented Design

Liemar Technologies LLC designed these luggage-quality Neoprene cell phone bags to last. 3 sizes in cool colors. Clip on to jeans/bags or loop your belt thru the back of the bag.

Liemar Technologies LLC distributes these products, and they make our lip butters. Handcrafted, Gluten & Nut Free. Vegetarian & Low Allergenic Formulas.

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New! Tim Morrison is one of Hollywood's most featured trumpet soloists, renowned for his recognizably lyrical sound. This CD is truly a joy to listen to and a benchmark for anyone trying to emulate the perfect tone. Features some of LA's best jazz and studio musicians.

Not Available in Stores
Special Release $18.95
Our Price $14.95


This former Principal of the Boston Pops (1987-1997) has produced an easy listening jazz CD that highlights the quintessential sound that has inspired John Williams & other Hollywood composers to feature him as a soloist in filmscores such as: Born on the 4th of July, JFK, Saving Private Ryan, Apollo 13, Panther, Nixon, Bobby, The Patriot, Amistad, and Lions to Lambs.

"Summon the Heroes", the theme of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta was dedicated to Tim by Williams. Don't miss out on this special release!


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Journals and Magazines:

  • International Trumpet Guild - ITG
  • Featured in International Trumpet Guild - ITG "Trumpet Technology" section, October 2010 review by Michael Anderson.
  • International Trombone Association - ITA
  • International Tuba & Euphonium Association - ITEA
  • The Horn Call
  • The Double Reed
  • Featured in Music Trades "New Products" & "Product News" sections, June and August of 2008, and the NY Jazz Improv Magazine.


Maximizing Your Studio's Potential : Brass
Book Series has been Reviewed
in the Following Distinguished
Journals and Magazines:

  • International Trumpet Guild - ITG
  • International Trombone Association - ITA
  • International Tuba & Euphonium Association - ITEA
  • The Horn Call

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Chop-Sticks has been referenced
in the following books:

  • Sound the Trumpet, Harnum, Jonathan, 2006
  • All About Trumpet, Harnum, Jonathan,
    Hal Leonard Corp., 2007
  • Trumpeting by Nature, Pocius, Jeanne 2007
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